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Timber – Half Ain’t True

Subscribe to MusikFace TV Our creations may not be innovative, but still difficult to label. We call it an unconventional mix of Stoner, Metal, Grunge and Guitar Rock. Big, in-your-face, rock 'n fuckin' roll. So...
Downhill Willows - Machinesvideo

Downhill Willows – Machines

Subscribe to MusikFace TV Downhill Willows is a noisepop/shoegaze band from Berlin. A hazy magic carpet flight over the shrinking landscapes of pop music. Why Music Inspires Downhill Willows: To make music means the world for us. Follow...
Keldamuzik - Queen For A Nightvideo

Keldamuzik – Queen For A Night

Subscribe to MusikFace TV Keldamuzik is a pop/hip hop recording artist and entertainer. She has toured in Tokyo as well as the Caribbean and has music licensed through Sony Entertainment, MTV and Oxygen Channel. Why Music...
Kris Keyes - Oblivionvideo

Kris Keyes – Oblivion

Subscribe to MusikFace TV I am a published Author of The Temple Trilogy. I currently make independent film, music videos for bands and hold a job as a Production Consultant at public access station WPAA,...
Michaël Resin - R.O.A.D.Svideo

Michaël Resin – R.O.A.D.S

Subscribe to MusikFace TV Michaël Resin from the Alpine heights of Lausanne, Switzerland took accordion and singing lessons at a very young age. Recently he released a few singles and 2 albums with Stéphane Resin...
Hawk and the Wild - The Dream Is Still Alivevideo

Hawk and the Wild – The Dream Is Still Alive

Subscribe to MusikFace TV Hawk and the Wild is a singer/songwriter and folk/rock/pop musician. He loves writing music and spending time in the studio while not riding some kind of board or speaking for human...
Lullatone: Soundtracks for Everyday Adventures

Music of Lullatone: Soundtracks for Everyday Adventures

Is it your secret wish to have little OSTs in whatever mundane things you do? This charming, super talented, and artistic duo from Japan surely is an answer to your longing. Lullatone's music is a...
Emiko Moves Us with “Moving the Universe…Part One”

Emiko Moves Us with “Moving the Universe…Part One”

Bred in classical music, Emiko has since progressed on to the pop/rock genre of music that she loves so much (thanks to pop idol, Billy Joel). You can feel her passion for music through...
5 Unlikely Duets We Would Love To See

5 Unlikely Duets We Would Love To See

I started off this article with the idea of pairing artists from completely different areas of the music scene just to see what they'd come up with.  There are still a few I'd get...
Belau - Island of Promise (Paperdeer Remix)

Belau – Island of Promise (Paperdeer Remix) — Listen

Paperdeer is an electronic music band, formed by producer duo Benjamin Kiss and Norbert Biro in Budapest, after joining of vocalist Emese Stewart in 2012. Our style is mixed of electro-house, deep house and...
Century Letters - Strandedvideo

Century Letters – Stranded

Subscribe to MusikFace TV Melanie Kamper and Viktor Nordir make up Century Letters. A dream-pop sound setting, made up of moving melodies, carried by guitar delays and synth surfaces. A musical journey back to the...
Spreading the Love: An Interview with Swain Turay

Spreading the Love: An Interview with Swain Turay

Swain Turay's roots start in Sierra Leone, Africa. His Father Ansumana Turay traveled to the United States Of America, New York In 1989 With Only $20 In His Pocket. With Faith, Hard Work, &...
Nych G - Coat tails (Prod. By Mr. Kooman)video

Nych G – Coat Tails (Prod. By Mr. Kooman)

Subscribe to MusikFace TV Coat Tails is the lead song of Nych G's new and latest project titled "UP & @ EM" set to release early May. Produced by the well known Mr.Kooman , Nych...
DEEMAH - Way Upvideo


Subscribe to MusikFace TV DEEMAH (born: Hamed Anousheh) is a contemporary Urban/ RnB artist with Persian roots, who grew up in Canada and Germany. His influences range from 90's RnB groups such as Boyz 2...
James Boogie aka Young Boogie - Make It Through (iKnow)video

James Boogie aka Young Boogie – Make It Through (iKnow)

Subscribe to MusikFace TV A talented new rap artist on the course of success in this new day in age of the hip hop music industry. Born in Detroit, MI and raised a great majority...

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